About Us

A few years ago we started on a path, to become the go-to residential roofing company in the Newton area. We rapidly eclipsed our humble beginnings and are becoming a larger player in the Massachusetts Roofing game, because we never lost sight of our core ideals: be honest, treat customers with respect, work to an exacting quality and stand behind our work.

Now, Newton Roofing Residential continues to install exceptional quality roofing systems at a competitive price. Our customer base grows daily due to our untiring commitment to quality, honesty and respect. This has allowed us to work with homeowners from Waterville Valley, NH, to Nantucket, and out to the Worcester Hills. We may have started with our eye on Newton, but we have truly become your go-to roofer for all of Eastern MA, RI, and Southern NH. If you are within 75 miles of Logan Airport, chances are, you’re near one of our roofs.

I did say OUR roofs. That’s not a mistake or lofty hype. We fully stand behind our work and if you have an issue, we come back and fix it. When you choose us to install your roofing system you are, in effect, getting “service for life”. As a Newton Roofing Residential customer, you may own the roof, but we will own the workmanship.

Our continuing training and high quality ratings from roofing manufacturers allow us to offer incredibly comprehensive warranties, some of the longest in the industry. The combined yearly experience of our managers and foremen is more than a century. Experience, training, and factory backed warranties allow us to consistently install the highest quality roofs on our customer’s homes. We won’t roof it like it was our own home; we roof it better than we would our own home.

Whether it is a small repair, an entire roof replacement, or massive 250,000 square foot condo roof, Newton Roofing Residential gives you skilled craftsmen, who install high quality roofing systems quickly. All while maintaining a safe working environment for our workers.

No matter what size, your project is important enough to demand a reputable, honest, quality focused company. Your project is important enough to call the best.

Call Newton Roofing Residential, INC at (617) 244-9901.

Dear Prospective Customer,

I founded Newton Roofing Residential on two principles, treat our customers with respect and stand behind our work. While this seems simplistic on the surface, I am constantly amazed at the number of Massachusetts Roofing Contractors who are out of touch with these basic ideals.

Returning customer’s phone calls, protecting your home and grounds from damage, and refusing to sell you products and services you don’t need are things that, to me, just seem like common sense.
Countless times, we go to a new customer’s home to diagnose a leak only to find a new, yet poorly installed, roof is the issue. It is troubling to see how many homeowners are victimized by shoddy Massachusetts roofing contractors. To top it off, many are dismayed to find their roof was installed by a non certified roofer, and no manufacturer will honor their warranty because of it.

We at Newton Roofing Residential are well trained and constantly stay abreast of the latest product improvements. Our dedication to professionalism allows us to offer some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Although we are confident in the quality of our roofing systems, on the rare chance there is ever an issue, with our workmanship or product failure, we have you covered and will come back and fix it.

When you take into consideration our available lifetime warranties, our “service first” mentality, and our sincere wish to become your partner in your roofing needs, we are the Massachusetts Roofing Contractor for your next roofing project.
Whether you need a new roof, a simple repair, or just want to deal with an honest, professional, quality-orientated roofing company,

Give us a call at (617) 244-9901. You won’t regret it.

Thank you for your business!

Toni Bryan